Promote Wildlife Conservation in the Socio-Economic Development of Rural Areas


The project aims at improving living conditions in Souf vulnerable community in Jerash governorate through providing access to safe drinking water, developing sustainable alternative livelihood methods, and creating new job opportunities for local populations in the Al Ma’wa Wildlife Sanctuary that is situated in the village’s close proximity.

The Wildlife Sanctuary was recently established, and once opened, it will serve as one-of-a-kind home for trafficked wildlife in the Middle East, at the same time promoting natural conservation and green economy in its surrounding communities.

The project activities include:

1) Installation of rainwater harvesting tanks to local households and local women’s society building through revolving funds.

2) Building the capacity of women CBOs to manage revolving funds and rehabilitate water networks and install water saving devices.

3) Conduct of awareness workshops for the community and local youth in particular to educate them in the biodiversity protection and the possibilities of creating new job opportunities in ecotourism inside and outside the Wildlife Sanctuary.

4) Promotion of environmental awareness among local pupils in schools through various awareness activities.

5) Utilization of water resources and improving the ecosystem inside the Sanctuary by establishing water harvesting/catchment area that will be fed directly from the rainwater and will be connected to the roofs of Sanctuary buildings to secure the needed water for the Sanctuary and for the wildlife animals inside.

6) Creation of wetland area necessary for animals and migratory birds.

7) Creation of public educational and recreational area around the water area of the Sanctuary.

Project Details


Environment and climate change


Souf village, Jerash governorate


December 2014 – December 2015


UNDP New World Initiative

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