Who we are

future pioneers for empowering communities

Future Pioneers for Empowering Communities’ Members in the Environmental and Educational Fields (FPEC) is a Jordan-based non-profit organization. We are specialized in community empowerment through poverty reduction, community building, capacity development, awareness raising, and support to small and medium sized enterprises in the educational, environmental and social fields. Our main target populations are women, youth and marginalized groups.


FPEC added value is in our capacity to plan and implement large-scale community development projects in a wide range of topics effectively utilizing the potential existing in communities. We always start our projects with analyzing the local needs and through participatory processes design the best responses to those.


Our implementation methods are based on extensive empirical evidence, yet adding our understanding of local customs, community structures and social ties embedded in those. Our principle is to work in local communities that are out of the stream of services and receive minor or no support from other organizations or international donors.


Our vision is to see a prosperous Jordan where all communities thrive in a socially just and environmentally sustainable manner.


We work to capacitate local people, including women, youth and refugees, in marginalized communities to improve their living-conditions and build sustainable futures for all.

what we do

socio-economic empowerment

Jordan is facing difficult time economically with high unemployment rates in particular...

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environment and climate change

The effects of climate change hit Jordan hard due to its geographical...

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Jordan is the world’s 4th poorest country in terms of water resources...

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community dialogue

The arrival of more than 2 million Syrian refugees to the neighboring...

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civic engagement

Civic engagement and citizen participation of women, youth and marginalized groups is...

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human rights of marginalized groups

About 20 per cent of Jordanians live in remote rural communities, and...

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Solid Waste Management

Our principle is to work in local communities that are out of...

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