Partnership Water Governance and Gender


Resources in Jordan are waning and the already scarce water supplies are buckling under the pressure of sudden population surge from the surrounding conflict-ridden countries, forcing the majority of people to rely on costly, private water sources. Jordan was already a poor country in terms of natural resources, with an average availability of 120 mᶟ of water per capita per year (UN Habitat, 2012), well below standard poverty level of 500 cubic meters. Unemployment has also risen dramatically and many more families have been forced below the poverty line, struggling to meet the prices of increased rent, fuels and commodities.

The project works to improve the water governance in the refugee impacted communities of Russaife (in Zarqa governorate) and Allan (in Balqa governorate) in order to promote more inclusive water management solutions, stronger institutional accountability, and improved environmental sustainability, while ensuring that the specific needs and capacities of women as principle water users in communities are addressed. In line with the Jordan Syria Response Plan (JRP) 2016-2018 priorities, the principal objective of this initiative is “to enhance government capacity to meet the increase in demand for water and sanitation services, particularly in host communities”.

A major component of this project is to focus on communities’ active participation and engagement in water management. By building the capacities of local communities and raising the awareness of local women and housewives on sustainable water use, a social change and sustainable influence on water practices can be achieved and utilized to ensure that the project works on all levels and encourages women participation and contribution in all of its dimensions.

The project’s main activities include establishment of Water Community Groups for inclusive and community-based water management solutions, training of local stakeholders including women CBOs and housewives on technical aspects of gender-responsive water governance, and launching of Gender Water Ambassadors –programme to raise the awareness of local population on effective, transparent and gender-responsive water governance practices.

Project Details




Russaife (Zarqa governorate) and Allan (Balqa governorate)


November 2015 – February 2018


Oxfam GB

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