National Organizations Supporting Medium and Small Projects in Jordan

Here is an comprehensive list of organizations in Jordan which provide support to medium and small projects. To get information about each organization, click it’s name.

Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation (JLGC)

JLGC is a Limited, Public Shareholding Company, established in accordance with the Jordanian Companies Law and registered in the Public Shareholding Companies Register under license 242, on 26 March 1994 with JOD 7 million in capital. In addition, in 2016 the capital was increased to reach JOD 29,080,310. Our mission is to enhance sustainable economic growth in Jordan through improving the credit environment for economically viable small and medium sized enterprises and by providing credit guarantees to national exporters and local buyers. Vision: Achieving leadership in credit insurance and business development. Mission: Enhancing the opportunities for establishment and development of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing loan guarantee and export credit insurance at sustainable basis. Trust The Company has two main programs:

  1. Loan Guarantee, its aim is to enhance the access to finance for Jordanian SMEs and it has diversified products that cater both the traditional and Islamic credit facilities.
  2. Export Credit Guarantee, which includes both the export and domestic trade credit guarantee to facilitate and enable Jordanian companies to export their products outside Jordan.

Tel: (962) (6) 5625400
Fax: (962) (6) 5625408
Email: [email protected]
Location: Prince Shaker Bin Zeid.St, Al Shmeisani , Amman, Greater Amman 11183, JO

Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO)

The Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) is a governmental organization dedicated to supporting the development of emerging businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises in Jordan. The Corporation is financially and administratively autonomous, with a board of directors that is chaired by the Minister of Industry and Trade and whose members represent an equal number of private sector and public sector stakeholders. JEDCO’s mission is to develop productive enterprises with a focus on the industrial, service and agribusiness sectors in Jordan. The Corporation offers tailored technical and financial support to selected projects, aiming to improve their competitiveness and foster their growth locally and internationally. Assistance can include;

  1. Mentorship and consultancy services for emerging businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises.
  2. Access to research, statistics and data regarding local and international markets.
  3. Technical and financial support to develop and improve enterprises’ competitiveness, capabilities, administrative, technical and exporting capacities.
  4. Facilitating the financing of SME projects
  5. In addition, JEDCO acts as an advocate for the SME sector in Jordan through;
  6. Analyzing and seeking to improve government policies on the SME sector.
  7. Promoting an entrepreneurial scene and culture in Jordan.

Tel: (+962 6) 5603507
Fax: (+962 6) 5684568
Email: [email protected]
Location: Ekremah Al-Qurayshi.St, Al Abdali, Amman, JO

The Development and Employment Fund

The government has established the Employment and Development Fund to educate encourage and finance the poor, low-income and unemployed people who are qualified in a profession to establish their own projects in the industrial, craft, service or tourism fields in order to create sustainable job opportunities for them that generate adequate income to benefit from and exploit their energies. In economic and social development instead of a rush to jobs, especially government ones and their remaining idle pending obtaining the required job or relying on aid institutions. The Development and Employment Fund was established in 1989 and started its lending operations in 1991 as a government institution with financial and administrative independence concerned with the development and financing of small, medium and (micro) enterprises through its own revenues. The Development and Employment Fund is a governmental institution established under the Development and Employment Fund Law No. (33) for the year 1992, and the fund has a legal personality with financial and administrative independence. The fund aims mainly to enable individuals, families, and groups of poor or low income or those who are unemployed to practice work and production. In order to contribute to the fight against poverty and unemployment, and the headquarters of the fund shall be in the city of Amman, and it may establish its branches and offices within the Kingdom by a decision of the Council.

Tel: (+962) 0798889259
Fax: (+962) 0798889259
Location: Wadi Saqra, Amman, JO

Agricultural Credit Corporation

The mission is to contribute to agricultural development by funding agricultural projects for farmers, as ACC is the official and specialized source of agricultural credit. The funding will be through ACC branches and in compliance with its law and by-laws taking into consideration that the Corporation is one important means to implement the national strategy of agricultural development as well as contributing to mitigating burdens of agricultural risks. Credit sources had been multiple; no clear credit policy with clear objectives and aims was in existence; and those credit institutions lacked the specialized technical staff to coordinate their operations. In order to unify the agricultural credit sources and set a credit policy based on sound scientific, economic and technical bases as well as securing an effective monitoring of the loans spending for their purposes and objectives, the Government decided to merge the three institutions in one called “Agricultural Credit Corporation” [ACC]. The Law of ACC No. (50) issued in 1959 nullified all the previous credit institutions and shifted their assets, liabilities, debts, and liquid money to ACC which started its actual operations on 1.8.1960. The Institution is the main official source specialized in agricultural finance

Tel: (+962 06) 5661105
Fax: (+962 06) 5698365
Email address: [email protected]
Location: Abdali – King Hussein Street P.O (77) P.O BOX (11118)

Microfund for Women

Microfund for Women (MFW) is a private non-profit company registered under the Ministry of Industry and Trade that operates under the umbrella of the Central Bank of Jordan, after obtaining its license. MFW is also part of Tanmeyah – Jordan Microfinance Network. MFW began its operations in 1996 and is considered one of the leading companies to provide financial services to low-income, small business owners in Jordan in order to empower them, especially women, economically and socially, so they become active members of society. Currently, MFW has 140,000, 96% of whom are women, have benefited from MFW served by over 700 employees spread over 60 branches across the Kingdom. For more than two decades, MFW has granted over one million loans valued at more than JOD 500 million. MFW seeks to offer its products and services in innovative and transparent ways, on par with international standards through easy and accessible procedures.

MFW also provides non-financial services, which include the ‘Himaya Protection Program’, a life insurance product designed to assist low-income households to cope with uncertainties. In addition, MFW offers (Afiyatuna) a first-of-its-kind in the region that aims to lower hospital expenses because of health emergencies, in addition to marketing platforms, training, educational workshops, medical days and many others.

Tel: (+962 06) 566 6100
Fax: (+962 06) 5664000
Email address: [email protected]
Location: P.O. Box 962854 Amman 11196 Jordan

Jordan Microfinance Company (Tamweelcom)

Tamweelcom (Jordan Microfinance Company) is the gateway to financial stability, sustainability and self-preservation for Jordan’s unbanked individuals. Tamweelcom was founded in 1999 with a 30,000 JD grant, five employees and one branch. For 20 years, we have aimed to elevate employment rates, foster socio-economic advancement and empower low-income individuals within Jordan. In our time, we have celebrated many milestones. Today, Tamweelcom is a 50 million JOD company that caters to 90,000 clients and enterprises. It has over 500 employees across a network of 37 physical branches and 2 mobile bus branches – it is the only microfinance institution to operate mobile branches in the Kingdom. The Noor Al Hussein Foundation owns Tamweelcom, one of the King Hussein Foundation’s pioneering development entities. As we are constantly looking ahead to the future, we have outlined a concrete set of goals to allow us to remain competitive in the industry, while also upholding our high standard of client satisfaction. Some of these goals include:

  1. Incorporate technological solutions into our product offerings that will save clients’ time, effort, and money.
  2. Extend our outreach and operations by utilizing digital services that increase access to a greater pool of clients across the Kingdom.
  3. Continue to encourage economic growth and development by supporting more micro- and small-business entrepreneurs.
  4. Expand our daily practices and policies to include universal standards for Social Performance Management and client protection principles.
  5. Ensure financial responsibility and financial inclusion for all.

Tel: (+962 06) 5005959
Fax: (+962 06) 5354328
Email address: [email protected]
Location: P.O. Box : 925715 Amman 11190 Jordan

FINCA, Jordan

With headquarters in Washington, DC, FINCA Impact Finance reaches more than 2.6 million clients through its 20 subsidiaries in Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East and South Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. Our outreach is among the broadest and most comprehensive of the world’s leading microfinance networks. FINCA is working to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living. Our impact finance purpose is to be an unconventional community-based bank that profitably and responsibly provides innovative and impactful financial services to enable low-income individuals and communities to invest in their futures.

Tel: (+962 06) 5005959
Fax: (+962 06) 5354328
Email address: [email protected]
Location: 4th floor Durret Khalda Complex No. 324. Khalda. Amman

National Microfinance Bank

A Jordanian MFI registered as a private shareholding company and authorized by the Central Bank of Jordan to provide financial service for the targeted segments according to the best international practices in the microfinance industry. NMB provides its services to more than 90,000 active clients through a net of 34 branches all over the kingdom. Vision is to be an organization that employs financial inclusion to provide optimal solutions to its clients towards a permanent improvement to their livelihood. Goals include:

  1. To offer a variety of financial services parallel to the different and growing needs of our current and prospective clients that rely on effective communication and constant feedback.
  2. Employ modern technologies that improve the price and efficiency of financial products offered to customers.
  3. Focus on the social return of all activities and initiatives from different administrations.
  4. Develop Non-Financial Services that support borrowers’ projects to escalate performance financially and technically.
  5. Continue achieving excellent financial scores and the generous administration of the Bank’s operational expenses.
  6. Invest in human resources by offering training and occupational raises.
  7. Cooperate effectively on the local, regional and international level.

Tel: (+962 06) 2001010
Location: Yajouz st. – In front of safeway – Blom Bank Building. Amman

VITAS of Jordan

VITAS jordan is a microfinance company operating in jordan, and is part of the vitas group. it is one of the leading companies in jordan, which provides individuals with financial solutions that suit their needs, in addition to offering small sized companies the financial liquidity it needs to expand and improve their business. VITAS jordan prides itself on offering a wide array of loan products to meet the client’s needs. This aims to better serve their clients. The mission to provide financial products and services that respond to our clients’ needs and foster the long-term development of individuals, their businesses, their families and the communities in which they live. The vision all people with a desire and capacity to improve their lives should have access to the financial services they need to help them realize their potential and become full social and economic participants in their communities.

Tel: (+962 06) 5831188
Fax: (+962 06) 5826146
Email address: [email protected]
Location: Farah Building 3rd floor, Al-Wakalat Street/Sweifieh , PO Box 142356 Amman 11844 Jordan

The Islamic company for Small Enterprises

Model Islamic Microfinance was established in 2014 as a for-profit company owned by the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Financial Development and Small Enterprises by providing financing products for the provisions of Islamic Sharia. Improving the standard of living for citizens by providing financial and non-financial services in accordance with Islamic law. Our vision is to lead the Islamic microfinance industry at the local level to contribute to combating poverty and unemployment.

Tel: (+962 06) 5529019
Fax: (+962 06) 5528859
Email address: [email protected]
Location: P.O.Box 11821. Faeq Hejazin St. Al Madina Al Munawara. Amman, Jordan


AL TAS-HEELAT was founded in 1983 and is a pioneering entity in the lending field. Tamkeen Leasing Company a subsidiary of Invest Bank- has acquired 95, 21% of the company`s shares and thus AL TAS-HEELAT has become a subsidiary of Invest Bank. AL TAS-HEELAT focuses on Retail lending, SMEs, Leasing and Islamic financing. AL TAS-HEELAT is covering a wide spot of the whole Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan through its branches: Shmisani, Dabouq, Sport City, Wehdat, Free Zone – Zarqa, Irbid and Aqaba.

Tel: (+962 06) 5671720
Fax: (+962 06) 5672255
Email address: [email protected]
Location: Shmesani, Ash Sharif Abdul Hamid Sharaf St. building No. 52

Ahli Microfinance Company

Ahli Microfinance Company (AMC) was established in 1999 with a current capital of JODs 6 million and it is owned by the Jordan Ahli Bank and one of its most important goals is to provide financial services that meet the needs of its clients with limited income from owners of micro and small businesses by supporting them to start their business and create self-employment opportunities in a manner that intersects with the company’s interest by arriving at creating a better economic, social and educational environment for the members of the local community, which will reflect positively on the level of prosperity and welfare of the community. Ahli Microfinance Company comes in aspiration of Ahli Bank’s strategy to support economic activity in Jordan, and to strengthen the development strategy that Jordan seeks to achieve at all levels, and its endeavors to deliver its services to all economic sectors operating in the micro and small businesses in Jordan.

Since its inception, the company has provided more than JODs 192 million in the form of loans to local micro and small businesses, benefiting more than 225 thousand customers, through 26 branches located in various governorates of the Kingdom providing its services to the largest possible group of customers, and with greater geographic coverage. The company is also considering introducing more branches as part of its expansion and outreach strategy and in line with the National Financial Inclusion Strategy lead by the Central Bank of Jordan that aims to include the largest number of individuals in financial services within the framework of responsible financing.

Tel: (+962 06) 5865970
Fax: (+962 06) 5865952
Email address: [email protected]
Location: PO Box: 23543 Amman 11115 Jordan

Ministry of Social Development

The Ministry of Social Development was affected, before its establishment, during and after it, by the conditions of Jordanian society, which were reflected in its position on social work, which constitutes the field of its practical practice. In the year 2005 the Ministry of Social Development was subjected to restructuring again It resulted in eleven (11) central directories: the Community Development Directorate, the Family, Childhood and Women Directorate, the Supervision Directorate, the Community Communication and Awareness Directorate, the International Cooperation Directorate, the Studies and Planning Directorate, the Buildings and Services Directorate, the Disabled Affairs Directorate, the Diwan Directorate, and the Development Directorate Human Resources and Financial Resources Development Directorate. In the second half of 2006, the Ministry of Social Development prepared a new project for its structure, which it implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Sector Reform. According to this project, the organization of the Ministry of Social Development has become composed of several administrative units, the most prominent of which are the central directorates, which are: the Office, the Family and Protection, the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities, Productivity Enhancement, Poverty and Social Solidarity, Societies and Social Bodies, Community Education and Awareness, Human Resource Development and Management Administrative affairs, financial affairs, buildings and housing, planning and institutional development, studies and information.

The Ministry’s vision is to reach a safe society that is based on the family and enjoys quality social services and community values that contribute to achieving economic growth and a society of justice. In its mission, it seeks to promote social development work, develop comprehensive and integrated social policies for the development of society, improve the quality of life of its members, employ information and knowledge to provide distinguished social services, and consolidate the sustainable development process based on the principle of accountability and participation.

Tel: (+962 06) 5679327
Fax: (+962 06) 5679961
Email address: [email protected]
Location: Aldakhlieh airport. Amman. Jordan

First Finance Company

The First Finance Company was established in 2006 and it is a (a Jordanian public shareholding company) with a capital of (35) million Jordanian dinars, and the trading symbol at the Amman Stock Exchange (FFCO). Including financing lands, housing, buildings and constructions, contracting contracts in various economic sectors, establishing private and public projects and infrastructure projects, financing movable and immovable assets such as real estate, buildings, establishments, means of transportation, machinery, equipment and other production tools, financing stock and working capital for companies and small and medium businesses. In addition to investing in current assets. The first company has several branches through which it seeks to deliver its services to all and various residential communities, where the company is currently operating its business through the main center Khalda, Zarqa branch, Irbid branch, Wehdat branch, Sports City branch, Aqaba branch.
Tel: (+962 06) 5506740
Fax: (+962 06) 5411782
Location: P.O.Box: 144596, Khalda – King Abdullah II Str. Building No. 172. Amman 11814, Jordan

International charity organization

International charity organization established in 1984 in the emirate of Ajman by an Emiri decree issued from the court of his highness sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi -the member of the supreme council and the ruler of Ajman. International charity organization is considered one of the leading organizations in charity and humanitarian fields as it fulfills and undertakes it principles and duties in improving life quality and providing the needy with their needs. further the organization looking forward achieving the necessary comprehensive development tools to create healthy environment and decent life for the needy by it multiple projects that are executing in and outside the country that are abide by international and a human values. International charity organization has distinguished it presence in the charitable and humanitarian fields locally and internationally. International humanitarian and charity organization obtained a consultative status in the economic and social council of the united nations and a permanent membership in the Islamic council for advocacy and relief on Cairo. The organization became an observer in the international fund for agricultural development {IGAD} and a member in the world council of voluntary organizations (ICVA) the organization has signed several agreements with the agricultural and food organization {FAO} and the world food program {WFP}.

Tel: (+962) 97167016555
Fax: (+962) 97167427444
Email address: [email protected]
Location: PO Box: 23543 Amman 11115 Jordan


In 2012, GroFin a pioneering development finance organisation, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and a UK-based charity, founded the Nomou programme through a restricted donation of US$50M. The objectives of the programme are to create sustainable employment, economic growth, and positive social impact through the nurturing and expansion of a sustainable small and medium sized business sector in the Middle East and North Africa. This cooperation between GroFin and the UK-based charity is built on a 10-year strategic partnership, which has resulted in a proven unique, portable, and scalable solution for the development of sustainable SMEs. The Nomou Programme provides access to medium-term risk capital and value-adding business support — an integrated solution to the under-served entrepreneurs of SMEs in Oman, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt. The Nomou programme through GroFin’s management delivers best in class services for dedicated entrepreneurs of start-up or existing SMEs. Through these services, Nomou is increasing the capacity of the grossly under-served SME sector, thus developing supply chains and helping to create much needed employment.

Tel: (+202) 2737 1374
Email address: [email protected]
Location: 4th Floor, 3 Aboul El Feda Street, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt


Tamkeen Leasing Company is Subsidiary of INVESTBANK’s group. Tamkeen was established to cater to increased leasing demands realized in the Jordanian market. Tamkeen offers a full set of financial and operational leasing services with a sector specific approach. Addressing the retail, SME markets and corporate, we plan to raise our target audience’s awareness on our structured leasing solutions and a new market gaps we will be addressing. The vision to Be one of the main leaders in the leasing market, through providing innovative & relevant asset-based financing solutions to potential clients according to the best international practices. The mission is to provide our clients with new & pre-structured financing tools& products that is packaged in the most added value manner, as well as to Build the brand of Tamkeen as a pioneer/ niche operator in offering leasing solutions to untapped market sectors.

Tel: (+962 06) 550 2610
Fax: (+962 06) 5502609
Email address: [email protected]
Location: P.O. Box 17415, Mecca Street, Building Number 244. Amman 11195, Jordan.

ISRA for Investment and Islamic Finance

Al-Israa Investment and Islamic Finance Company is a Jordanian financial company that provides investment and financial services to consumers in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. The company’s main business is financing long-term consumer goods, financing real estate, financing private and public construction projects, financing assets and securities, managing real estate, managing portfolios of all kinds, as well as consulting services. The company was incorporated in 2008 and is headquartered in Amman.

Location: Wadi Saqra / Arar Street,Saqra Building No. 238,4544 Tilaa Ali 11953-Jordan.

Arab National Leasing Company

The company’s vision is to continue being the leading company in Jordan in the field of financial leasing by expanding our market share, diversifying our financing products, satisfying our customers and building a lasting partnership with them by providing them with the best services through a group of qualified and experienced employees.

Tel: (+962 06) 5531650
Fax: (+962 06) 5529891
Location: Al Madina Al Munawara street. Amman, Jordan.


A national program that contributes to the development of the local investment environment by motivating citizens and organizations to go towards establishing and developing small, medium and home production projects. Our vision is to reach the Jordanian citizen to the outskirts of production and work and the optimal use of his energies to be a product that contributes to construction and development and depends on himself in creating income, and to get out of the circle of want and waiting for a job to the circle of self-employment and leadership. Our mission is to contribute to the government’s efforts towards combating poverty and unemployment in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan by enhancing the productivity of the Jordanian citizen and enabling him to be self-reliant.

Tel: (+962 06) 5347286
Fax: (+962 06) 5348194
Email address: [email protected]
Location: Royal Scientific Society. Jubaiha. Amman 11195, Jordan.